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Samsung UN75J6300 75-Inch 1080p LED Smart TV

Smart TV Review #1: It’s the future of television!

Best Samsung Smart TV review
The most popular Samsung Smart TV is user-friendly with a regularly updated carousel making it easy to switch between recently used apps placed near the bottom of the screen. Of all major Smart TV brands, Samsung offers the widest range of apps to choose from. The interface is snappy and neat, looking similar to other Samsung products.

Newer models of Samsung Smart TV will be powered by Tizen software. Like the LG Smart TV design interface, Samsung’s is also the relic of defunct smartphone platforms. This makes interaction between phones and Smart TVs more efficient.

Picture resolution is excellent on the Samsung UN75J6300 75-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model). Technology modifications help the digital device behemoth deliver near-lifelike picture in 4K UHD quality. Upscaling allows you to convert from SD, HD or full HD to UHD level quality.

Four times better resolution than full HD means you can watch action shots like movies, sports or streaming apps at blazingly fast speeds. An automatic depth enhancer feature adjusts contrast to deliver crisp detail and natural-seeming picture quality.

Color depth is better because of Wide Color Enhancer Plus, while Clear Motion Rate 1200 removes any blur in action shots in fast-moving films or sports and gaming.

The Samsung Smart TV has a Smart Hub to organize your entertainment under 5 panels. Personalized recommendations are tailored to your taste and suggest programs you’ll enjoy.

Smart remote controls give you flexibility. You can command your Smart TV through voice commands and even by motioning gestures if you choose a camera accessory to go with your TV set. Quad screen transforms your large screen into 4 smaller ones so that you can simultaneously view TV, video or Internet streaming. The powerful quad core processor makes it all display seamlessly and fast.

Screen mirroring functionality lets you wirelessly share pictures, videos and games on the big screen from other peripheral devices. What’s more, with the Samsung UN75J6300 75-Inch 1080p LED Smart TV you can also beam TV content to your mobile phone or tablet. Updates are automated through the One Connect Box that makes sure your TV always runs the latest software and features.

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Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p LED Smart TV

Smart TV Review #7: “Seamless motion for an enjoyable viewing experience.”

Best Samsung Smart TV Review
The price tag attached to a Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model) might turn a few prospects off. But to the true fan of high tech entertainment who appreciates quality and considers price a mere step on the path to enjoying it, this offering from the Samsung stable will be a thrill and a delight. And many eager shoppers on online retail stores agree with this sentiment as they pull out their wallets to buy this ultra-slim Smart TV.

This model is one of the top innovations to hit the market from Samsung in 2015. Delivering on the quality promise of its new UNJ-5200 series of LED Smart TVs, the Samsung 40-inch 1080p Smart TV is also a designer masterpiece with a brushed gray metal cabinet that’s barely an inch and a half deep. Another advantage of this model over earlier ones in the “Smart TV” line is that it is much lighter and more energy efficient.

Samsung pioneered the concept of a “Smart TV” which allows a viewer to access and download content from the Internet. You can download applications and widgets to your TV screen and then customize or personalize them to your heart’s content. In addition the Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV offers a 3D viewing experience when you wear the optional glasses that come with the set.

There are many technological innovations that deliver a smooth and rich viewing experience. The picture displayed on the screen is natural, detailed and deep. A wide range of contrast and bright colors is displayed uniformly across the giant screen with very little image distortion, blurring or judder even during high speed action scenes.

Another benefit of the LED Smart TV technology is that you can view the screen of a 40-inch Samsung TV comfortably from as close as 6 feet away. In contrast, with a conventional TV set, you will need to be at least 14 feet from the screen of a similar sized display to enjoy a pleasant viewing experience. This makes the Samsung Smart HDTV suitable for even smaller rooms.

Are there any drawbacks to owning a Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV? One issue, that some owners of other brands of Smart TV sets have also complained about, is a high-pitched buzzing noise in the background that’s audible even at low volume settings. It doesn’t interfere with the viewing experience for most users, especially older people who say the buzz is barely audible. But it might annoy you to the point you cannot stand the noise, so keep this in mind while making your decision.

If you’re looking for a home entertainment system that gives you the impression of glancing through a window at a rich, crisp, brightly colored virtual world, then the Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch LED Smart TV is an ideal choice for you.

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Samsung UN32J5205 32-Inch 1080p LED Smart TV

Smart TV Review #10: “Enjoy color and clarity with stunning Full HD”

Best Samsung Smart TV Review

Samsung launched its Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model) in the market and it has taken it by storm. Slightly on the expensive side, these Smart TV sets are worth each and every penny you will spending on them as they offer such unique and wide range of features that you will be tempted to get your hands on this gadget for sure.

Let us first understand what smart TV’s are. Smart TV’s are integration of TV with internet connectivity. They are made to perform wide range of highly computing applications unlike the normal television sets that are used only to focus on broadcast media.

Samsung launched its range of smart TV’s including the Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV packed with features that will make your jaw drop. Conventional television sets cannot even come close to doing what Samsung smart TV’s are capable of.

With an ultra-clear panel you get amazing picture quality even in bright lighting conditions as the various sensors adjust themselves and give the best possible picture for that lighting condition and hence delivering excellent detail to the image on the screen.

It also includes features like connectivity to the internet via Wi-Fi modem for sharing and streaming your TV shows or videos. You can access your social networking sites and stay connected with your family and friends while watching your daily soap operas or other programs.

Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p LED Smart TV has a high Clear Motion Rate which delivers fast moving objects with excellent detailing and practically no blurring of images. They achieved this by incorporating three features into motion clarity which are panel refresh rate, image processor and backlight technology. These three factors combined together to give you extraordinary image quality.

The Samsung Smart TV has 4 or more HDMI ports to connect various devices. A swivel stand with turning capability of 10 degrees in either direction gives you a good view of the TV screen from various angles. With Samsung developing apps especially for their smart TVs, you can download various games and widgets onto your Samsung smart TV and customize your television set to suit your needs.

With the Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV, you can browse the Web, socialize, stream, share, connect online and more… options are vast and still growing. A Samsung Smart TV is one product that is definitely worth having if you don’t mind paying a little extra for great value.

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